Mobile Rapid Relief is Like a House Call.



Not Only Does PainĀ  Significantly Reduce Work Productivity, It Can Turn Memories of Festive Events From Good to Bad

Mobile Rapid Relief

At Power of Nature, we understand that lingering pain, especially at job sites and event venues, can ruin productivity and profits. That’s why our dedicated Mobile Rapid Relief Team is here to provide swift and effective relief when you need it most. With a focus on your well-being and convenience, our expert team is equipped with the knowledge, skills, topicals, tinctures, elixirs and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver NON-OPIOID rapid pain relief solutions right at your location. Whether you’re a construction worker dealing with an injury that just won’t go away to a Veteran that wishes they could walk up the bleachers to watch their grandchild play ball without experiencing discomfort, our mission is to alleviate your pain, restore your comfort, and help you get back to what you do best. Trust in Power of Nature for on-site Rapid Pain Relief.

Job Sites (Blue Collar)

Having a pain free job site comes with many benefits, including improved productivity, being more focused & efficient at task, leading to higher quality work.

Corporate (White Collar)

Being pain free at the office is not just a relief for our bodies, but makes it easier to manage the anxiety that often accompanies the busyness of the office.


When event attendees can fully embrace the festivities without pain, they are more likely to immerse themselves in the moment, connect with others, and whatever the event has to offer. A pain-free experience enables everyone to take away positive, lasting memories from the event.

"OMG, My feet were killing me after a full shift of standing. After visiting with a member of the Power of Nature team, I felt good enough to do 4 hours of Overtime. Afterwards, I had a great long weekend, PAIN FREE! What A Blessing!"
Joy S. Airport Security

The opioid crisis's impact on the workforce is undeniable, affecting both labor and administrative sectors.

In the midst of the opioid epidemic, the use of Non-Opioid solutions offer promising alternatives for pain management. These natural remedies provide effective relief while minimizing side effects and the risk of addiction. They also promote holistic healing and can be tailored to individual needs, making them a valuable addition to any employers toolbox of pain management options for their employees. As we continue to search for safer and more sustainable solutions to the opioid crisis, botanical medicines stand out as a beacon of hope for a healthier and pain-free future.

The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations


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